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In bad parenting news, one father has been charged with murder after leaving his son in the car for seven hours, and a Florida mother was arrested after refusing to treat her newborn with ‘non-vegan’ medicines.

Dad Charged With Murder

Some strange new details have emerged in the case of the Georgia father who left his 22-month-old child in the backseat of his car while he went off to work.

A local station in Memphis reported Wednesday afternoon that Justin Ross Harris, the father of the 22-month-old boy, searched online for how long it would take for an animal to die if it were trapped in a hot car. This bizarre twist in Harris’ story has sparked some suspicion by the Cob County police, and authorities are saying this isn’t the only source of their suspicion since the tragic incident.

“Within moments of the first responders getting to the scene and doing their job and questions began to be asked about the moments that led up to their arrival at the scene, some of those answers were not making sense to the first responders,” Sgt. Dana Pierce said.

Harris initially told police that he had forgotten to drop his son off at daycare, and only realized his son had been in the backseat all day when he was getting ready to go home. But with new details emerging, something tells us the whole truth isn’t being told here.

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Vegan Disaster 

A Florida mother was arrested Tuesday after her newborn’s pediatrician reported her to police for not admitting her unhealthy baby to the hospital.

Sarah Anne Markham, 23, was told by her newborn’s pediatrician to take her baby to the hospital after they noticed she was losing weight, but when Markham refused, the pediatrician called the authorities. Markham told cops that she refused to use the medicine given to her newborn by the doctors because it contained animal ingredients, and instead purchased organic soy formula from Whole Foods for the baby to replace the medicine. 

Markham was placed under arrest and later released Wednesday afternoon, but her child is now placed in protective custody.

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