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There was almost unanimous praise for Nicki Minaj‘s raunchy “Anaconda” cover art released yesterday. You know, the photo in which the rapper can be seen wearing pretty much just a g-string and Jordans.

We say “almost” because there are always some critics. While we loved the artwork, there were publications, like The Guardian, who criticized the cover.

But Nicki is a fighter. And lord knows she ain’t having no shade thrown her way.

The “Pills N Potions” rapper went to Instagram to post her reaction to all the criticism – mainly by pointing out the double standard involved. Nicki posted various cheeky Sports Illustrated covers featuring white women, with the words “acceptable” as the caption.

Then she posted her cover with the word “unacceptable.”

So to review…Acceptable:


She has a point. Doesn’t she?

SOURCE: Instagram

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