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As protests in Ferguson move into their second week, tensions between residents and police continue to grow, extending to the media as well.

The National Guard arrived in Ferguson, Mo. on Monday to join local police in an attempt to control protesters. But CNN’s Don Lemon, whose face suggests he just wasn’t ready for that kind of realness, got a taste of what it feels like to be told to move or risk getting thrown in jail.

On Monday during a live broadcast of the events, you can see Lemon being forced back by state troopers along with dozens of protesters around him. While being forced to retreat from the area, Lemon tells the CNN anchor in New York:

“I think we’re about to be arrested because we’re standing on a sidewalk. You can see what’s happening. We’ve been standing here all day. They told us to come here. I can’t move. I’m not going to resist a police officer.”

While Lemon is conducting his live report, you can hear officers shouting at protesters to move out of the way. After fussing with Lemon, the officer stomps away and begins to move other protesters in the area.

Lemon wasn’t the only journalist who faced the threat of being arrested. Trying to arrest reporters off-camera for doing their job seems unconstitutional, but it’s even more silly when done on national television while the world is watching.

Unfortunately, Ferguson law enforcement has yet to learn that. On Monday, they also arrested Getty photographer Scott Olson.

Another lesson? You can’t kill unarmed people and be rewarded for bad behavior. We’re just saying.

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SOURCE: CNN, Gawker | VIDEO: YouTube

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