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There are Hollywood couples and then… there. are. Hollywood. couples.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have one of those fairytale romances we could only hope to experience one day, and to make it all the more dreamy, the good-looking pair got married this month – in a secret French wedding, at that.

They’ve spent nearly a decade together, have 6 children, and have battled obstacle after obstacle right by one other’s sides. When Angelina revealed that she had a double mastectomy to avoid getting breast cancer last year, for example, it served as yet another example that their love was real.

It wasn’t that Brad stuck by his woman’s side, it was more about his perspective on her choice. He called his soon-to-be-wife “absolutely heroic.” There’s no denying it – Brangelina helps keep love alive in this crazy world.

And obviously we’re ecstatic they finally decided to tie the knot. So in celebration, we gathered 18 of their most loving moments.


PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn, Tumblr

True Love: 18 Of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Most Loving Moments (PHOTOS)
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