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Reddit. There are people who get it, and people who don’t.

It’s basically the site you either love, hate, heard about but don’t really know what it is, or been to and just totally couldn’t handle what was going on.

But Reddit is my favorite website on the interwebs. It’s the Illuminati in internet form. They have everything from leaked pictures of celebrities, to cat flicks, the best world news, old pictures, and amazing ask-me-anything interviews.

I will admit that it’s a lot to take in at first. But thankfully, the front page is broken down into categories called Subreddits.

So in order to get you eased into enjoying Reddit as much as I do, take a look at my favorites below:

r/Old School Cool

 This is a collection of old-ass pictures. Like this one of Al Capone fishing circa 1931:

r/ Funny

This is a whole Subreddit featuring, you guessed it, funny pictures. This is a how-to-keep-your-kid-off-drugs book.


What’s a boop? Well, **looks down**


Animal cuteness.


It stands for “Today I Fucked Up,” and is filled with stories like the girl who popped an E-pill while she was on her period, or the person who accidentally microwaved their poop at work.

r/Perfect Timing

This is for those photographs that are captured at just the right time.


This is the exact opposite of “Aww.”


Moving pictures at their finest.


A gif niche dedicated to things like, how you would react if you heard your neighbors argue – and the woman says, “That’s why Jamie is not yours…”


Obviously, gifs solely for black people. Like when the doctor says, “You are NOT the father.”


Gifs that capture the great awkwardness of white people.

PHOTO CREDIT: Reddit/Giphy

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