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It’s been thirty years since Marc Jacobs first entered the high fashion world and it’s been quite a ride, to say the least. To commemorate his thirty years in the business, the legendary fashion designer sat down with Paper magazine for an incredibly candid and unforgettable interview.

After serving as creative director at Louis Vuitton for 16 years, Jacobs made his departure from the luxury brand one year ago. For the first time, he reveals his thoughts on the direction the brand has taken under new creative leadership.

“I had a hard time looking at it at first. I think I got pretty down and depressed, but I love what Nicolas [Ghesquière] does. I really admire him and I have really great respect for him. I think they wanted a change, and I think the change they made is really good. It would be worse if somebody was doing a similar thing to me. But Nicolas does his thing, and I think it looks good and I get it. So I don’t have any problem with it,” he said.

Jacobs also goes into detail about his admiration for Yves Saint Laurent and his own personal design process. But the interview got REALLY interesting when Jacobs was asked about his history of dating porn stars.

“I’ve never really thought about it. Sexy people are great. People who love sex are great. I guess I’ve met a few. I’ve dated one. Or two… I don’t know. Porn is really exciting and sexy. It’s funny — I’ve never actively sought a porn star, but I must attract them in some way! When I was with [ex-boyfriend / porn star] Harry Louis, he wasn’t the person in the movies. I had never seen his movies before I met him. I only saw his movies after I got to know him, and he definitely wasn’t that person.”

And we also learned that just like us, iconic fashion designers use social media dating sites too.

Have you ever been on Grindr or Tinder?

I went on Grindr a couple of times. Well actually, with Harry he was like, “Let’s do a profile on Grindr.” And I did, and I met a couple people.

Did you show your face?

I think so.


Why not! I don’t have any hang-ups about those kinds of things. I don’t really care. Who’s kidding who? I’ve talked about having hair transplants, I’ve talked about my drug problems, I’ve talked about my drinking problems, I’ve talked about sex. I just think it’s so much better to sort of be honest about those things. I always find it very dubious and I don’t really trust people who deny human instincts.

Our favorite take-away from the interview came at the end, when Marc shared with us his “Shameless” outlook on life.

“I have “Shameless” tattooed on my chest, and I think that’s what I aspire to be. I aspire to be able to say what I think and do what I want and not have that feeling of guilt or shame about it. Of course, nothing that I can think of that I’ve done do I need to feel ashamed of. It just feels like a freedom in some way.”

Amen, Marc. Spoken like a true boss.


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