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This has definitely been Laverne Cox‘s year.

After breaking history by becoming the first transgender person ever to cover Time magazine, Laverne’s name has been on our lips ever since.

The 30-year old LGBT advocate, who rose to fame with her role on Netflix’s hit Orange is the New Black, spoke candidly with E! News about her struggles with her identity and becoming the face of the transgender movement. As she promoted her new MTV documentary The T Word, Laverne got all choked up, telling E!:

“I was in Virginia earlier this week and I met this amazing young man. He’s 16 years old, his name is Andrew, and he came to my talk and we got to meet and do a photo afterwards, and he gave this letter and I read the letter afterwards and I was just bawling. And he talked about sort of having been depressed, he’s come out as trans, his family’s been really supportive, but he’s just been so depressed going to school…And apparently he found out I was coming to Richmond and everyone just told me that he just perked up immediately and got really excited.”

The actress continued to express her gratitude for all the love and support she’s gotten since becoming the spokesperson for transgender awareness.

“It’s pretty awesome. I’m just a person who’s trying to live my dreams. I’m very lucky to be living the American dream right now when so many of my trans siblings are not so lucky. And just that [Andrew] would be inspired just that I was coming—that would change his mood, and give him hope and a sense of inspiration. It’s a lot of responsibility, but I thank you.”

Seriously, how brave and beautiful is she? Check out the full interview at E! Online.


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