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A man was arrested outside of a Starbucks in Texas this past Tuesday evening for throwing an innocent chihuahua dog at the coffee shop’s glass window.

According to WTSP, Larry McHale has been charged with animal cruelty after customers witnessed him throw the dog at the window around 9:30 PM.

The site reports that it’s unclear as to whether the dog belonged to McHale or someone else, but the puppy is now in the care of animal rescue workers, and has been appropriately named Starbucks.

The Starbucks manager said of the incident:

‘It was so loud, the window sounded like it was going to break.’

‘He’s like, you don’t care about humans. You only care about a dog,’

‘He harasses customers every time. He comes in and starts chaos,’

McHale has been banned from the restaurant for three months, as many members of the staff and customers believe he has anger issues.


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