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An elderly man by the name of John Franklin Forbes has been arrested in Oregon after spending 20 years on the run. Linked to one of New York’s biggest drug cases, the 72-year-old was caught after he felt sick and applied for Social Security benefits using his real identity, according to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. [Daily News]

A deadly fire in Maine has killed 5 people and left another critically injured. The fire occurred in a two-apartment building in the University of Southern Maine after a Halloween party. It still remains unclear whether or not the people killed were students. We pray for the families of these victims. [Daily Mail]

This is awkward. A Texas woman has been arrested for sneaking into her husband’s friend’s home and attempting to sleep with him. Dressed in a nightgown, the 31-year-old woman gained access to his home after the gate was unlocked. She eventually snuck into his bedroom and tried to sleep with the man. She has been charged with burglarizing a home with the intent of committing sexual assault. [Complex]

PHOTO SOURCE: Lane County Sheriff’s Office 

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