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Destiny’s Child will forever be one of the greatest girl groups of our time. They brought us “Emotions,” “Bootylicious,” “Lose My Breath,”Cater 2 U,” and so many more. And we sincerely thank them.

On November 4, Kelly Rowland gave birth to baby Titan Jewell, and her sisters Michelle Williams, Beyonce, and Solange Knowles, could not help but pour their hearts out about the little one on social media.

In honor of this tight-knit musical family, we compiled a list of every time the ladies showed some sisterly love.

Last TRL Appearance

When the girls made their last appearance on TRL as Destiny’s Child, the water works immediately started flowing when Vanessa Minnillo asked what they were going to miss about each other. Beyoncé literally cried on Kelly’s shoulder.

Stand Up For Love

The time the trio murdered the vocals of “Stand Up For Love.” And they clapped for themselves at the end, because they were that great.

Destiny Fulfilled

When their last group album dropped, the girls sat down for an interview about their timeless record. When speaking about the process, they could barely stop gushing about each other.

Bey-day Surprise

While she was on the Beyoncé Experience Tour, Kelly and Michelle decided to surprise B on her birthday, and everyone got the feels.

BET Awards

At the 2007 BET Awards, Queen B gave us life when she brought out Michelle and Solange as part of her performance of “Get Me Bodied,” she then took it to the next level (because she’s Beyoncé) and introduced Kelly, who performed “Bump Like This” with Eve.

Beyoncé Leaves Message For Kelly

As Kelly was promoting her album, Here I Am, she dropped by Access Hollywood and found out that Bey left her a sweet message…cue the Kleenex.

Kelly Gushes Over Blue Ivy

When Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed their baby girl into the world, it took them a whole month to share pics of their bundle of joy. However, we had the words of proud Auntie Kelly to appease us.

Beyonce and Michelle Support Kelly

For the first time in a long time, the three ladies made a song together when they appeared on Kelly’s “You’ve Changed.”

The Super Bowl

The first time Destiny’s Child performed together since they went their separate ways was at 2012’s Super Bowl. The performance literally shut the whole stadium down. Any questions?!

Bey & Kelly Support Michelle

After years and years, Destiny’s Child reunited on-screen in a music video for Michelle’s “Say Yes.”

  Bonus: Life Is But A Dream 

How cute was this candid moment?


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