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An additional four women have died after undergoing sterilization surgeries in India, bringing the total to 12. Women are paid 1,400 rupees ($23) each to have the surgery at a “health camp” in Chhattisgarh state. The doctor who performed 80 surgeries in six hours hasn’t been arrested for the deaths. Sterilizations have been going on for years in an effort to curb the population in the country. [AP]

A climate deal between China and the U.S. has been reached after months of talks. In the landmark move, China has promised to cut carbon emissions with new projects. In its first ever commitment, China wants to stop growing emissions by 2030. President Xi Jinping recently sat down with President Obama to go over the joint agreement and planned to talk to the public about their emission efforts. [New York Times

Mali has become the sixth country in West Africa with a case of Ebola. So far, two cases have been found and are non-related. The first stems from the death of a two-year-old girl from Guinea in October. The second case is a nurse who was caring for a man with the virus. The nurse died on Tuesday and others in contact with her, including doctors, have been quarantined. [Huff Post

In a strange turn of events, women from China are having trouble getting back home from South Korea after getting huge amounts of plastic surgery. With the women nearly unrecognizable after the surgery, they are facing problems at airports confirming their identity. Many of the women have gotten their eyelids widened, noses reshaped, and lips filled to create a more “Western” look. Hospitals have issued surgery certificates to the patients to reduce their issues at the airport. They’ve also been advised to change their passport photos as soon as possible. [Daily Mail


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