We wanted to share ten simple ways you can help protect our planet, because keeping the Earth clean starts with us. 

Today marks another lap around the sun for actor Don Cheadle. Cheadle is best known for his work in Hotel Rwanda, Iron Man 2 and most recently, Space Jam: A New Legacy. However, the skilled actor has some hidden gems that are both comedic and socially conscious, which most fans have never seen before. 

Jamaican singer wants us all to help take care of the Earth in new video.

Some people wear the “tree hugger” title proudly if they’re all about protecting the environment. Well it seems like some women in Mexico are true to this and putting their words into action. A group of ladies participated in an all-out wedding ceremony professing their love for the wood and green. The event is intended to […]

http://instagram.com/p/qUVkxJBriz/ The only thing better than looking good, is doing good. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up our favorite beauty products that get the all natural seal of approval. If you’re interested in becoming a green goddess, there’s no day like today. With all of these options, it’s never been easier to be […]

An additional four women have died after undergoing sterilization surgeries in India, bringing the total to 12. Women are paid 1,400 rupees ($23) each to have the surgery at a “health camp” in Chhattisgarh state. The doctor who performed 80 surgeries in six hours hasn’t been arrested for the deaths. Sterilizations have been going on for […]