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Some people wear the “tree hugger” title proudly if they’re all about protecting the environment. Well it seems like some women in Mexico are true to this and putting their words into action.

A group of ladies participated in an all-out wedding ceremony professing their love for the wood and green. The event is intended to draw attention to illegal logging in San Jacinto Amilpas — apart of the Oaxaca state. According to Metro, about a third of Mexico’s land area is made up of forest, and the cutting and selling of wood has become a huge problem. Oaxaca is one of five states most hit by deforestation.

A lot of the illegal logging is said to be controlled by criminal groups and ladies of the mock marriage hope to bring attention to woodland protection. Their wedding is a ritual that started out as a way to give thanks to Mother Earth. It was carried out by the organization Bedani and it draws influences from Inca customs. You can check out the ceremony in action below!



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