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At one point, Love & Hip Hop: ATL‘s Benzino and Stevie J were inseparable and we’d even go as far as to say the reality TV stars were more like brothers than friends, (as you can see in the photo above).

Things have recently changed, however. The two fell out during the last season, reigniting their beef during an all-out brawl at the show’s reunion taping. Now, TMZ reports that following the reunion Benzino threatened Stevie, Joseline, producers, and staff, which resulted in his termination from the show.

TMZ reports:

Stevie J tells TMZ … Benzino wouldn’t let it go … he went on a campaign of terror, threatening the lives of him and Joseline, producers and other staffers. Stevie tells us, “He said flat out he was going to kill us.” The threats were too much for VH1 and we’re told that’s why Benzino was banished. But Benzino tells us, “Stevie J is a habitual liar and VH1 has never given me a reason for being fired.” Benzino thinks this is all about star power and he’s the scapegoat because “They wanted to keep the crackhead whore.”

Well, that was a mouthful.

The highly anticipated Steve Jobs movie won’t be put out by Sony, and is currently being shopped around to other studios, according to reports.

THR dishes:

The much-discussed project, based on Walter Isaacson‘s biography of Jobs, will now be shopped to other studios. Universal is said to be interested in the project with an eye on next year’s awards season. [Scott] Rudin is said to also be eyeing it for the 2015 awards season. But the film has struggled to cast a lead, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale both circling for a time. Bale withdrew earlier this month, with Fassbender the latest expressing interest in playing Jobs.

Universal declined to comment.

Apparently, Sony really needed the movie to begin production by January 2015 because there are other projects director Danny Boyle will have to get started on by then. We’re sure Steve Jobs’ story will get picked up in no time, if it hasn’t been snagged already. It is the Steve Jobs after all.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest details.

Lebron James is really big on giving back, just one of the many things to love about the Cleveland Cavaliers baller.

Most recently, his foundation helped renovate a home in Akron for HGTV series Rehab Addict, fixing up a home for a woman by the name of Melanie English and her three children, who were all chosen by Lebron’s Wheels For Education mentoring program.

According to The YBF:

Local businesses and organizations provided materials and labor while viewers will see Lebron and several members of his family among the volunteers.  The process will be documented over five episodes.  Additional episodes will air on Dec. 4, Dec. 11, Dec. 18, and two episodes on Jan. 1.

We can’t wait to see one of the greatest basketball players ever channel his energy into doing great things for the community. Will you be tuning in?

Luther, the beloved BBC series starring the hunky Idris Elba, might be remade by Fox!

The show, which is about an intelligent and violent murder detective played by Elba, ran for only 14 episodes on BBC America, but according to USAToday, “Fox is expected to produce a pilot episode for a U.S. version of the series that would count Elba as a producer — though not the star — and in success, will run longer.”

We wish it was Idris who we’d be welcoming into our homes every week via the small screen, but hey, this is still pretty exciting! We’ll keep you updated with details as they surface.

Apparently, the ABC staff is scared of a little booty.

According to new reports, those who work for the network that will air the annual American Music Awards this Sunday, are nervous about Iggy Azalea and J. Lo‘s “Booty” performance.

TMZ reports:

Our spies tell us … Iggy and J.Lo will perform “Booty” … and network honchos are nervous … real nervous. The execs have set the ground rules … no cracks, no rubbing. There will be a 3-4 second delay, but these shows have a rich history of raunchy performances slipping through … the cracks.

It’s interesting … we’re told ABC has not put the kibosh on spanking … something fairly prominent in the music video. But that’s as sexual as execs will allow.

More than likely, things are going to get pretty steamy – and if a few naughty gestures slip through the cracks, hey, we’re sure we’ll get over it.

SOURCE: TMZ, THR, The YBF, USAToday,  | PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty, Wenn, YouTube, TMZ

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