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The proof is in the pudding – rather, the twerking – and Beyonce’s new “7/11” visual, a fun compilation of Bey doing in public what she usually reserves for her private life, provides plenty proof that Mrs. Carter’s booty has a mind of it’s own.

Making several appearances in the video, each one legendary, Beyonce’s backside stole the show throughout the Friday night surprise – and all while staying on beat. In addition to revealing her twerking prowess, Bey’s privacy was basically non-existent in the visual. Bey let us into her hotel room, danced around while trying not to spill “that alcohol,” gave us a super quick glance of Blue Ivy, and reveled in lots of other crazy, impromptu moments.

Basically, she was killing shit.

Rather than hold you up any further, we’ve provided receipts below. You ready Bey?

Bey’s butt jiggled in boxer briefs.

Bey gambled on booty.

And she won. Because, Beyonce.

She called a friend… on her foot.

Here’s a closer look.

… And this happened.

Bey lost it for a second there…

But she got it back like only she could.

And whined it slow.

Then Blue Ivy helped her mama tear up the hotel room.

But not before Bey gave us life.

Top of the food chain Bey.

Fed up Bey.

Throw dem ‘bows Bey.

… And upside down Bey.

Flawless, oiled down booty happened.

Bey dropped that alcohol.

She got crunk.

She threatened the camera.

She kept it cute.

… And slightly insane.

It was perfect.

Because, Beyonce.


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