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A 17-year-old violated human rights when she organized a prostitution ring at local high schools in Sarasota, Florida.

According to WTSP, the teenage girl and one of her “customers” were arrested last Friday after police discovered her prostitution ring on Facebook. One of her deals involved 21-year-old John Mosher, and a 15-year-old who hasn’t been identified:

At least one act of prostitution took place, police said, leading to the arrest of John Michael Mosher, 21, who reportedly paid $40 and a bottle of liquor to have sex with a 15-year-old girl, the [Sarasota Herald-Tribune] reported.

Police said the ring came to light after four students confided to Venice High School administrators. The Sarasota High student and at least one other student concocted the business plan over the summer to prostitute other teenagers for payments of money and alcohol, according to police documents.

In meetings set up by the student, men paid $50 for oral sex and $100 for sex with virgins.

The teen was not alone in the organization of human trafficking. She and another high school student on Facebook worked together to recruit girls for sex. According to a conversation with the student, selling humans for sex was OK as long as she was benefiting from it:

“Why pimp out old hoes when I have fresh young hoes I can give up for money?” the Sarasota High student wrote in one Facebook exchange to a business partner, adding, “As long as I’m getting paid I’m trafficking all these (expletive deleted).”

The prostitution ring came to an end after four girls told law enforcement that the alleged victim and another teenage boy tried to recruit them to join.

Mosher was charged with felony sexual battery on a victim older than 12. The 17-year-old girl who is being held responsible for her role as organizer faces felony human trafficking charges.


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