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If you’re a Whitney fan, you’re probably feeling very anxious about the upcoming Whitney Houston movie that Lifetime is working on, but don’t worry just yet.

Although the network completely bombed their Aaliyah biopic last month, they seem to have learned their lesson in the trailer for the legendary singer’s story.

There were a lot of mistakes made with covering Aaliyah, such as the lack of permission from the family, not using her original music, and not having all of the right people involved, but that is surely not the case for this Whitney film.

Not only is friend Angela Bassett on board, and even helping to guide scenes to success on set, but Whitney’s music will be played and performed throughout the movie. From the trailer, it already looks like Yaya DaCosta nails her role as the late legend, and even has some sharpened up acting skills.

See ten reasons why we think the Whitney Houston biopic could have gotten it right this time below.

1. Because Whitney and Bobby actually look like Whitney and Bobby.

2. Because they use real Whitney songs with a singer who nails her voice.

3. Because Angela Bassett is an executive producer.

4. Because it shows us much more about Whitney’s relationship with Bobby than we knew.

5. Because it will uncover more of the kind heart that Whitney was always said to have.

6. Because the trailer doesn’t seem to mislead, unlike the Aaliyah trailer.

7. Because there are a lot of questions about her life that could be answered.

8. Because it’s not a full biopic of her whole life, which leaves room for a film to hit the big-screen later.

9. Because Yaya definitely has some great acting skills.

10. Because Whitney’s legacy is so powerful, it would be hard to tarnish.

PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Entertainment Weekly, Lifetime, Getty, WENN

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