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Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are pretty much head over heels in love, and they have a funny way of expressing it.

While many couples who sit court side at a basketball game would be all over each other on the kiss cam, these two took things in a different direction.

As the kiss cam hit the adorable couple, Iggy decided to kick things up a notch and lick on Swaggy P’s face!

Despite the silly moment, Nick was reportedly affectionate with his lady the whole game as they cheered on his alma mater, USC, for their game.

A source told E! News about their appearance:

“The two were very loving and cute. They were there to support his alma mater USC. They showed a ton of PDA. Nick had his hands on her the whole time, they were cuddling and kissing,”

“Iggy licked his face when they got on the Kiss Cam. The crowd went nuts. The two were not shy at all. They both were eating Red Vines during the game and nachos. The two were friendly and just having a great time.”

The power couple has never been timid when it comes to combining affection with some joking around, and we love seeing them adore each other every second.

Do you think these two are going to last a long time?

SOURCE: E! News | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Twitter