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It’s very rare to catch Kanye West smiling; so word to the wise, if you happen to catch him on one of those days, don’t screw it up.

One fan, who was obviously smitten with the fact that he was seeing Mr. West in the flesh, begged Yeezy to sign a photo of Kim Kardashian. But while the new and improved Kanye has been all for autographing things for fans, this time he wasn’t into it.

As Yeezy arrived at the airport in D.C., a fan gave him a photo of Kim wearing the dress she wore to marry Kris Humphries. Although Kanye didn’t flip out like the pre-North West ‘Ye would, he didn’t sign the pic and kept it moving.

Check out the hilarious clip above.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: TMZ, Paul Morigi/FilmMagic

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