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Ludacris opened the New Year with joy and positivity after announcing that he’d married longtime girlfriend Eudoxie.

Just a few weeks later, the rapper is under fire after his latest baby mama Tamika Fuller, whom he knocked up while still dating Eudoxie, claimed that he made a deal with her to get an abortion.

Tamika revealed in family court that when Luda found out she was pregnant, he cried and said it would ruin his life. He then urged her to terminate the pregnancy, offering her $10K and a house if she lost the baby.

Fuller believes that Luda’s marriage to Eudoxie was a ploy to show the judge he has a more stable home than her.

No word yet on Ludacris’ response, but the rapper is aiming for full custody of the newborn.


Ludacris & Eudoxie’s Love Over The Years
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