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Super Bowl XLIX has come and gone, but there’s still plenty to keep us talking. The Katy Perry halftime performance blew our minds, while a guest appearance by Missy Elliott took us back to 2003. Oh, and the Seahawks and Patriots put on a good game as well. But the real winners were these 11 commercials. Check ’em out below.

Like the Budweiser puppy one above, this Nationwide commercial was a tear-jerker. It had everyone talking.

Who better to lighten the mood than Kim Kardashian in her TMobile commercial?

The best part of this Mophie commercial? Possibly a dog walking a human.

Breaking Bad fans were ecstatic to see Walter White return to the screen for this Esurance commercial. Check out the Lindsay Lohan one here.

Always offered a dose of female empowerment with their #LikeAGirl ad.

Coca Cola “made it happy” and showed us what to give the haters.

Victoria’s Secret Angels look good in literally everything, including football uniforms.

What could be better than a life-size game of everyone’s favorite: Pac-Man?

Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady? Classic.

Because this Dove commercial will warm your heart, and make you want to hug your dad.


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