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The debate regarding vaccinating American children is quickly becoming a partisan issue and on Monday, Democrat Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to drop some knowledge on the subject, while simultaneously shading “Anti-Vaxxer” Republicans (ahem NJ Gov. Chris Christie).

That was a BOOP! Read about it here… [TheHill]

So this terrible and disgusting thing happened. A Japanese man allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted more than 100 women after making them believe they were taking part in a sleep study. That man, 54-year-old Hideyuki Noguchi, was arrested for distributing ads seeking volunteers for “clinical research measuring blood pressure during sleep,” and filming the assaults once they were sedated and unconscious. Police have confirmed at least 39 victims, aged from their teens to their 40s, and are working on identifying scores more raped and abused for two years. Read about it here… [TheGuardian]

Meanwhile, in Florida: A man took it upon himself to circumcise his 20-month-old nephew Saturday evening. The child’s father went to the grocery store that evening and left his brothers-in-law to watch over the baby. When he returned, the child was bleeding. The father rushed the boy to the hospital — his condition is unknown. The man, Larry Leroy Floyd, was accused of aggravated domestic battery. Read about it here… [HuffPost]

And in more positive (and bad shero woman) news, this Utah woman delivered her own baby WHILE DRIVING TO THE HOSPITAL. Is there an award for that? Devi Mariah Ostler and a baby boy, her third child, are doing just fine. Read about it here… [AP]


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