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Jussie Smollett‘s character on Fox’s Empire is finding his voice and ready to cause some trouble for Lucious Lyons.

Jussie took to Instagram to let fans of the show know that on tonight’s episode, Jamal is not taking his father’s crap any longer.

#Jamal found an alley, some sounds and got his swagger back. Will #AndreAndRhonda master the puppeteering? Will #Lucious chill the hell out? Will #JamalAndHakeem battle? Will Queen #Cookie bring Jamal to the top?Tune in tonight @9/8c and find out! Also… Jamal’s song #KeepYourMoney written by the #TeamTimbaland dopeness of @beanzbeanzbeanz is available for download right now on awlla them dope music sites. 👊 #LongAssCaption #Empire #EazyE

Dope beats from Timbaland will be all over Empire tonight.

We also got our hands on an exclusive picture from Jussie’s NOH8 campaign. Check it out below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Adam Bousk

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