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I’ve been in the fashion industry for 20+ years, but what I saw last night gave me more inspiration than anything I’ve ever seen in the past two decades. My first stop of the night was the Argyle Culture show, which was absolutely incredible. The new line is the best its ever been. The reaction was amazing. And Hana Nitsche looked beautiful on the runway.  After the show, Hana and I hopped in the car, as she is booked to walk in Kanye’s show today, and needed to go to the fitting.  This is  where a model goes to the studio of the designer to try on the clothes before the show to make sure everything looks the way it’s suppose to look. Normally what takes just an hour or so, took five.  And this is why…

Kanye is a master.  He knows fashion as well as anyone in the world.  He is the center of what American fashion has become, because he set the trends.  He got me, a 56 year old man, wearing harem sweatpants, cause he made them cool years ago.  He is as devoted to perfecting his fashion line as much or more than any designer I have ever seen…and I know them all.  For the past 72 hours, since the Grammys, he has locked himself in his studio, with Kim and their daughter by his side, meticulously preparing for his big show today.  He had over 50 people running around the studio last night, but every decision that was made, was made by him.  He dealt with the clothes, the lights, the music, the runway, the models, the chairs in the audience…everything. He listened to everyone’s ideas, but ultimately he knew exactly what he wanted. Exactly how he wanted his show to look and feel. Hana will wear one outfit in the show, but she tried on dozens, until Kanye found the perfect match for the clothing line and for her.  He did this with every model. It was incredible to watch.  An inspiration to see someone so

involved in his art.

I know that I am currently the only black men’s designer that has his clothes in a big department store (thanks to Macy’s), but after what I saw last night, I know Kanye is gonna get a whole damn floor, cause he is that great. He is the future of fashion and I am confident he will change the 100 billion dollar fashion industry that has historically locked black people out and not used them for ANYTHING, even though they greatly contribute to its economic success. He is a master craftsman

whose vision will challenge every other designer to be better.  Because what Kanye is doing today, I can guarantee you that everyone else will be doing tomorrow.

~ Russell Simmons

And because it’s Thursday, let’s throw it back to Run-DMC and “My Adidas” in tribute to Kanye.

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