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If you’re thinking about partying on a roof, you might want to think twice. A California roof collapsed this past Saturday while 30 people were on it. According to reports, eight were injured, and one of them had a “large wood splinter” in her leg. [Gawker

Islamic State militants have ruined yet another ancient city, this time demolishing Iraqi city Hatra. Hatra was founded during the Parthian Empire over 2,000 years ago, withstood multiple invasions by the Romans, and was home to many temples and historical artifacts. [BBC

Porn “legend” Asia Carrera was arrested on Thursday for driving under the influence, and to make matters worse, she had her daughter in the car with her. Her blood alcohol level was reportedly more than double the legal limit. She was released the same day. [TMZ

In a recent interview, President Obama says that he just found out about Hillary Clinton‘s private email address use for official State Department affairs. Nonetheless, the President says he’s “glad” that Hilary’s emails will be disclosed. [CBSNews

21-year-old Syracuse University student Sabrina Cammock was found dead inside of a room at the Edison Hotel in Times Square. Cammock was a part of the track and field team at the university. No drugs have been linked back to her death. [Daily Mail]


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