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Diggy Simmons is all grown up.

The little boy we used to see every week on Run’s House has fully transitioned into manhood, and on March 21, he officially turns 20.

The “Honestly” rapper spoke to GlobalGrind about growing up a Simmons and his adorable niece, falling in love and his upcoming EP, which features collaborations with French Montana and DJ Mustard.

On becoming a young adult while in the public eye:

“That’s what makes me so different. In that time where you’re going from someone who is a kid into an adult, there are so many people you encounter and you learn different things in your life from. It’s like OK, I know how to go about this situation now, or I know how this works, or I just know how life works. Period.”

On the pressures of being Rev Run’s son:

“[It’s tough] if you let it be. My reasoning for making music was never about him. I shied away from it actually, just for the fact that this is what my family did. I have always been an independent person. I didn’t want my dad to tweet anything, I didn’t want my uncle to say anything. That’s just how I was being so young. I didn’t want that support or cosign or anything.”

On being disappointed about the low sales of his debut album:

“I didn’t feel that way, only because when my album came out, I was on the road constantly. So when the numbers came out I didn’t really feel a way because I was getting out my car to girls banging on my window. The support was right there in front of me, so the numbers didn’t really mean anything to me.”

On his upcoming EP, Out of This World:

“‘Fall’ and ‘Honesty’ are not going to be on the EP. We are putting out an EP because there are but so many songs you can put on an EP. I felt like me coming back and getting people acquainted, I wanted to give them those loosies and then let people hear the EP all at the same time.”

Diggy is also having a birthday concert at Irving Plaza in NYC tonight, tickets are on sale at

Watch the exclusive interview above.

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