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There’s always conversation and dialogue surrounding the Black natural hair movement, but as of late, the conversation is shifting from the social and political context of Black women and their hair to their male counterparts.

As intriguing and infuriating the conversation surrounding Black hair is, Black men have been slowly rejoining the natural hair resurgence. Not only is natural hair associated with self-love and Black identity, but it’s also associated with freedom. Freedom that’s not exclusively for Black women.

And it’s no secret that Black men have experimented and indulged in hair trends like relaxers, jheri curls, and press outs, but like women, Black men are now returning to their roots – literally. Within the social and political climate of our country, we’ve been noticing the gradual hair changes of a lot of our favorite rappers and singers.

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole made two of the most politically charged rap albums of 2015 and late 2014, and both rappers ditched their clean-cut caesars to let their natural hair flourish.

While most men won’t start hair blogs or do natural hair tutorials on YouTube, there’s enough Black men making the natural journey to at least begin a healthy conversation about our textured coils.

Check out all the Black male artists who’ve embraced their natural hair below.


Not Just The Ladies: 7 Black Male Artists Who’ve Embraced The Natural Hair Movement
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