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The past 12 months gave us plenty of hilarious viral moments, thrilling movies, and envelope-pushing music, but we can’t forget another side of the pop culture spectrum: fashion and the supermodels we love to look at.

And in 2015, models went from just being pretty faces who didn’t say much, to being actual huge stars in their own right. Whether they already had some clout because of their famous families, or they captured our attention with their positive messages or rule-breaking street style, there were tons of young women we followed just as closely as Amber Rose or the Kardashians.

For example, Bella and Gigi Hadid burst onto the scene and stole the title of sexiest sisters, Kendall Jenner broke away from her family’s shadow to prove she was actually talented, and Maria Borges strutted down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway as the first woman to show off her beautiful natural hair.

All year-long, we loved to see what these girls wore, what they posted on Instagram, and who they were hanging out with next. Take a look at our favorite models of 2015 in the gallery below and enjoy. Here’s to a beautiful New Year!

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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