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Ashley Graham is just what fashion needs.

In an industry full of models who don’t exactly emulate the average woman, Ashley has proven to be a powerful force. Within the past 12 months, the 28-year-old self-proclaimed “body advocate” has already begun to make her mark.

In 2015, Ashley released her very own line of plus-sized lingerie, starring in its ad campaign. She also strutted her stuff during a runway appearance at New York Fashion Week and closed out the year on a high note – with a sizzling feature in LOVE magazine‘s advent calendar and a spot on the coveted Forbes 30 under 30.

She even received a shout-out from Khloe Kardashian. Whether you like it or not, that means something in pop culture.

But despite the bells and whistles, Ashley hasn’t lost sight of the importance of her work: inspiring others to embrace their curvy figures.

“I’ve had success in breaking the mold in the fashion industry,” she says. She credits “my hot body. It sounds a little misogynistic, but I also think that it’s great because I have a body that the average-size American woman has. And I’m using it to let other women know that you are beautiful.”

We can’t wait to see what Ashley brings in 2016. Click through the gallery below for more pictures of the stunning model.

SOURCE: Forbes | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham Is The Curvy Girl Fashion Needs
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