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Grand opening, grand closing.

Birdman paid The Breakfast Club a visit today, and it didn’t end well. With an entourage the size of a basketball team, the Cash Money mogul arrived in the radio station flustered and ready to battle.

Before the interview went live on-air, Birdman said, “All three of y’all stop playing with my name. Stop playing with my f*cking name. When my name come up, respect it. I ain’t going to say it no more.”

Confused by his anger, Charlamagne asked Birdman about the source of his frustration. Instead of giving an explanation, Birdman replied, “I wanted to talk to you like a man in your face. I knew a few places you were at and I could’ve pulled up, but I didn’t think that was gangster. I wanted to look in your face like a man. It ain’t no issue. If it was an issue you would feel me.” 

The interview ended with Birdman and his entourage storming out the studio, making it the shortest interview in Breakfast Club history.

Watch the confrontation up top.

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