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Idris Elba is in pretty high demand these days.

The actor posed for a series of black-and-white shots for Interview Magazine, rocking a suit in the beginning and ending up totally topless.

The British star got candid about his “unhealthy” busy schedule and much more while being interviewed by actor and director Jon Favreau, who directed Idris’ newest film, The Jungle Book.

On his busy schedule:

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but I sleep less, I’m constantly thinking, I’m constantly multitasking, and I really don’t know what the effects are going to be when I’m older. I don’t ever stop. Not because I’m greedy or anything, I’m always creating, debating with the part of my brain that is dormant. Wondering how I can move in and create a bit more space and take a bit more time. But it’s almost like the more I achieve, the more capacity I have to achieve.”

On his DJ’ing days before making it big as an American actor:

That was how I kept the lights on, basically. What happened was, once I got The Wire, my life changed. I couldn’t DJ as much and I couldn’t take it seriously because my career as an actor was just getting to a place where I was finally making it in America. I wanted to be on American TV so much. I didn’t park DJing; I just sort of ended up becoming more of a studio guy. Then about five years ago, my career blossomed, but I really missed being out on the road, DJing. So I started picking up gigs here and there, and what occurred to me really quickly was that I was going to water down my passion for DJing, because the type of gigs I was getting were celebrity DJ work, and that just didn’t sit right. So I made a decision about five years ago to really do it properly, to do it at that level I had never done it, but take it seriously and not ride the coattails of being an actor.”

On drunkenly meeting Ben Affleck at a party:

“I was at a party not too long ago, and I ran into Ben Affleck. I’d had a bit to drink, and I was super excited to see him. And the reason why I’m excited to see Ben is because Ben, like yourself, is an actor who can direct. And I’ve sort of been in development to direct my first feature film. And I say to Ben, [slurring] ‘Oh Ben, hey, man. Bro, can you tell me … I just, like, I think you’re incredible.’ I’m like, ‘I’m so interested in that transition. You’re an actor, and you’re directing, and I want to know what you had to go through and how you’re getting people. And at the time, he was like, ‘Idris, just call me.’ I didn’t call him ever.”

Idris is currently filming The Dark Tower, a fantasy epic based on the Stephen King series, and is also reprising his role as Heimdall in Thor: Ragnarok, which hits theaters in 2017.

Check out the full interview here.

SOURCE: Interview Magazine | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 


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