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Connecticut newcomer Anoyd released the third single off his new project Autumn In Sinsinati. Inspired by Faith Evans’ 1995 classic “Come Over,” Anoyd enlisted the talents of crooner Hector Troy to deliver an end of summer special titled “UNO.”

The Ty Nitty and Anoyd-produced song is like a feel-good ’90s banger and seems to be the perfect soundtrack for 2016’s #CuffinSeason.

In a statement released to Global Grind, Anoyd said, “I wanted the verses to feel a certain way so just starting the first verse took a lil time to write. Next day after that I listened to some Biggie Smalls and I automatically knew what needed to be done. Making this song was so fun, It just felt like the summertime. Enjoying the weather with ya shorty, no TV. Just outside having a great time, dancing, drinking liquor and playing UNO.

“UNO” is featured on Anoyd’s new project Autumn In Sinsinati, which is available now. Take a listen to Anoyd’s “UNO” below.

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