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Nate Parker‘s Birth Of A Nation is one of the most divisive films in recent memory.

Experts had it as a sure-shot Oscar favorite before a 1999 rape accusation against writer, director and star Nate Parker began to overshadow the rave reviews the film earned on the festival circuit.

But social media has turned the critically-acclaimed film into a lightening rod of controversy.

Jesse Williams proved he was not afraid to enter the eye of the storm Thursday when he tweeted his support of Parker with the message, “They don’t want you to see Birth Of A Nation though.”

Reactions on Twitter showed that the people are still split on their opinion of Parker. But should our opinion of artists affect our ability to support their art?

And why do people take these things so personally?

Parker’s conundrum intersects race, sex and money in ways that some people can’t over look for long enough to enjoy his film.

But Jesse Williams and everyone else who stands by Nate isn’t standing by everything he’s ever done in his life. They’re standing by a unanimously phenomenal film about an important moment in American history.

Picking sides and trying to punish artists for their pasts will not solve anything moving forward.