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Amber Rose is known to keep it real about her dating past, so it’s no surprise that the sexually fluid talk show host was so open discussing her past relationship with a transgender man.

During a “Loveline with Amber Rose” podcast episode, Amber chopped it up with guest star Margaret Cho, who is openly bisexual. “The women that I like are real masculine … So I like a really butch girl,” Cho, 47, shared. Amber followed up with, “I used to date a transman, actually. So I find that hot as well.”

Cho replied, “I like transmen. I’ve dated transmen and transwomen too. So right now, there is a lot of different people on my [Pinterest] board and you can’t really make any sort of sense of type. And then I like a dirty, old man.”

Amber also agreed with Cho on that, stating that she’d love nothing more than a tussle between the sheets with Billy Bob Thornton (though were sure he wouldn’t be flattered by the ‘dirty old man’ category).

This isn’t the first time Amber has opened up about her sexual fantasies. The ‘Slut Walk’ founder previously opened up about a threesome she had, which she found to be underwhelming.

Listen to the segment below: