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Apple Store in the Aoyama District of Tokyo, Japan

Source: B. Tanaka / Getty

Things got real at an Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California recently, and it all stemmed from Apple trying to be all cute and innovative, and stuff.

The company built a huge donut-shaped headquarters with massive floor-to-ceiling glass panels, which made it seem like the building blended in with the surrounding forest.

Cute right?


The only problem is, everything was so crystal clear, employees kept running into the glass doors and windows. Just a few days after the headquarters opened in January, three people were injured resulting in 911 calls.


Luckily, none of the injuries were life-threatening and no one had to be sent to the hospital. Now employees try to make glass more visible using stickers.

Ironically enough, Apple Vice President of Real Estate Development Dan Whisenhunt said the company didn’t have any problems with birds flying into glass windows — only humans had the issue.


The struggle is real.

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