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Nikko FungChung – Mother, entrepreneur and children’s author based in Texas, is on a mission to bring culture and diversity to young readers around the world.

Her book series, “Anya’s World Adventures” follows a young girl (her daughter) on adventures around the world with the help of her Magic Globe! Each book gives readers a fun and factual view of a new Country and culture through the eyes of a child.

Highlighting similarities and celebrating differences – this book series bridges cultural gaps and makes the world a much smaller place. The book series also features beautiful illustrations by Digital Artist Fuuji Takashi.

The adventure and learning continue well after the last page is turned with authentic souvenirs, games, printable activities, and recipes at

Anya Goes to Jamaica” and “Anya Goes To India“, the first two offerings in the series, are now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The follow up, “Anya Goes to Nigeria”, is scheduled for release this spring. Nikko FungChung eyes the series to hit retail stores in Jamaica in Summer 2018.