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If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who play HQ Trivia every single day, you know just how difficult it is to actually make it to the end and win the prize money. On top of that, even though the app gives away thousands of dollars for every game, so many people are playing that a win usually only results in a few dollars for each victor.

The people over at HQ realized that the stakes for each game were relatively low for each player, so they decided that they were going to play trivia until only one player won the entire $25,000 pot.

Usually only 12 questions, people assumed this meant that the game would go on for a looooong while until it eliminated everyone–but it turns out, HQ’s big $25,000 game found it’s singular winner in only 18 questions. Mikey Elkins, the user who one, tweeted out in excitement over his new purchase.

Even though there’s some “proof” here that the person who took home the big prize, this wasn’t enough for some people. Players quickly found out that Mikey’s twitter page was just created the day he sent that tweet out, and Reddit users discovered that his username was a self-described “HQ Hacker” on Instagram and is apart of a hacking forum on Reddit. Needless to say, people are beyond skeptical.

Peep what people are saying about the slightly sketchy winner and form your own opinion about whether or not this guy won his $25K fair and square…or if he actually won anything at all.

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