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JaRule Hosts The Pool After Dark At Harrah's Resort

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Around this same time last year, one music festival went down in history as one of the most monumental disasters ever.

Of course, I’m talking about the Fyre Festival. The event, which was the brainchild of 25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, was set to be a luxurious get away for entertainment and Bahamian island life.

Instead, it turned out to be a total flop with crappy housing, basic food, and musical guests who all pulled out of their performance. What made things worse is flights were canceled to and from the island where the festival was held.

So folks already stranded there had to sulk in their pity. Here’s a pic for a quick refresher.

Because of the disaster, lawsuits followed, totaling more than $100 million. The Feds even had to step in by opening an investigation on the festival. This led to McFarland being indicted for wire fraud, which he eventually pled guilty to.


Now, the whole debacle is being documented in detail thanks to Hulu. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming site has picked up a multi-part doc about the festival being developed by Billboard, Mic and The Cinemart. It is expected to hit streaming in 2019, and it’ll go further into details about what happened behind the scenes and with the ongoing investigation.

The doc doesn’t plan on holding back either. The interview list includes stranded festival-goers, vendors, investors, and even local Bahamians…

Something tells me they’ll have the best tea to spill.


The Cinemart is the same company behind Jay Z‘s Time: The Kalief Browder Story and the upcoming Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story. So hopefully we can expect a well crafted doc, along with the hilarity.

Now the only question is, will Ja Rule make an appearance and own up to the sh*t show?

2019 can’t come fast enough.

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