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Lil Pump Performs At Emo's

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Kanye West and Lil Pump are causing quite the stir on the Internet and this time, it’s not for any viral Twitter moments or unfortunate run-ins with the law.

Ye and Pump dropped the unavoidably catchy track “I Love It” and an accompanying music video went hard on the creativity.

The two-minute song opens up with comedian Adele Givens — who makes an appearance in the music video — as she describes how she likes to be pleased in the bedroom. Then Kanye and Pump follow up with their raunchy lyrics. Meanwhile, they sneakily follow Adele the whole time in the music video, wearing what looks like a whole couch shoved over their heads.

Check out the clip for yourself below!


While Ye and Pump have yet to mention their inspiration for the video, various pastimes come to mind — from Roblox characters, to Doug, toThe Big Comfy Couch.

Either way, the Internet definitely felt the kid-like vibes for the very adult song. By the time the music video was released, people were already cutting up cardboard boxes and snatching household items for their own “I Love It” remake.


Thus, the #ILoveItChallenge was born!

While some went the arts and crafts route, others went full-on nostalgia, copping their nearest Bananas in Pyjamas costumes for a show.

Even couples joined in on the fun…

Then, there were those people who took things to a whole new level, providing complex choreography or soap opera narratives to Lil Pump’s and Yeezy’s words.


Watching fans’ interpretation of “I Love It,” brings to mind other kid-like visuals that artists have used before.

“I Love It” was co-directed by Kanye and Amanda Adelson, according to Billboard, while renowned filmmaker Spike Jonze served as executive producer. But other famous directors such as Hype Williams have also used kid-like influences for music artists such as Busta Rhymes. The “Gimme Some More” music video alone could arguably be the precursor to “I Love It” — though with a more colorful look.


Big-shouldered zoot suits and exaggerated angles? It definitely recalls Lil Pump’s and Kanye’s getup.

And let’s not forget the innovations of Missy Elliott, who turned “weird” into cool with her oversized wardrobe choices.


No matter the inspiration, Ye and Pump definitely provided some unique content that’s perfect for the social media generation.

Will you take on the #ILoveItChallenge? Get your cut and paste game ready!