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It’s National “Do Something Nice” Day, and unfortunately, during these crazy times, doing something nice means standing up to a racist who happens to be the same hue as you.



Kamira Trent of Colorado gets the real “Did Something Nice” award this week after confronting 64-year-old Linda Dwire, who argued that the customers should speak only English when out in public.

In the disturbing video below, which quickly went viral, the two women got in a heated argument at a grocery store over the right for two female Latina customers to speak Spanish while shopping. At one point, Dwire yelled, pointing her finger in Trent’s face and got close enough that she touched Trent, who then pushed Dwire’s arm and started to back away, saying, “Don’t harass people. I’m calling the cops.

Dwire then told Trent, “You know what, you come from a different generation. You will lose this country.” Trent cuts Dwire off and replied, “No I do not, I have respect.”



Police arrived on the scene shortly after, and Sgt. Carlos Cornejo wrote in the affidavit that when he talked to Dwire, she claimed that “she found it offensive” that Velasquez and her friend were speaking Spanish. She went on to reveal that she approached the two friends and asked if they lived in the United States and if they liked it, adding she also told them to speak English and be American.

That’s not all folks. The 64-year old racist told police “when you speak another language you divide yourself. It gives me the idea that they want to bring their country here and want me to conform to their country.” She added claimed that she’s just exercising her right to freedom of speech. Fabiola Velasquez, one of the Hispanic women in the clip, posted the video to her Facebook page, writing, “I always saw the videos on social media and they made me angry, and today when it happened to me I can say that I felt a lot of helplessness.”

She told CNN that she would not like something similar to happen to others, but added that if it does happen “they have rights and they can call the police.Many times [the] Hispanic community does not feel secure asking for help.” SMH

According to the Rifle Police Department, Dwire was arrested and charged with two counts of bias-motivated harassment.