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If you don’t have Summer Walker on your playlist, is it even a playlist at this point?

I came across the R&B singer after a friend sent her 2-minute acoustic love letter “Session 32” my way last year and like anyone else who’d been put on to the rising star, an Atlanta native through and through, I was instantly hooked. Scouring Apple Music for my next fix, songs like “Shame” and “Deep” let me know Summer was definitely something special—she was using her shadowy sweet vocals to say all the things introverted women everywhere had a hard time saying…and it felt right on time. Now, appearing on Apple Music’s Up Next, Summer lets us in on how she got to be so withdrawn and where self-expression is concerned, it seems music is her saving grace. “I love music with all my heart. I just have to do it—I actually don’t have a choice. It’s like how I have to breathe. That’s my drug…I’m addicted to it,” she explains.

Four things we learned about the LVRN/Interscope Records beauty on the flip, plus look out for a new EP from Summer this Friday.

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