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As Black folks, we celebrate our culture all day, every day. It’s in everything we do, from the way we’ve learned to stand together and fight issues such as the disproportionate imprisonment of our own to the way we dress, create, cook, and speak. It’s an every single day, every single moment thing. That being said, Black History Month is doubly special. It’s a time when we remind ourselves of all our ancestors went through to get us to where we are today. It’s a time when we celebrate the innovators and the table shakers who continue to push our culture forward. And (this is critical!) it’s a time when we stick together, no matter our differences, period — or, at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. Is it just me or does it seem that every year, right around this time, a few of US don’t know how to act?

With that in mind, Global Grind created a quick list of the Black folks who’ve been (as your grandmama would say) embarrassing us in front of company. And, by the way, “embarrassing” is putting it lightly. I’m praying on it and hoping they all have a come-to-Jesus moment soon, as we can do way more good together than we can apart.

Ben Carson

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin And HUD Secretary Carson Testify Before The Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee

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Ben Carson was spotted wearing a MAGA hat in a sea of mayonnaise this month. But that’s not all… in said photo, he was seen squatting while a plane full of those mostly white men and women sat –– ON Rosa Parks’ birthday!

Wendy Williams

The Morning Show New York Premiere by APPLE TV

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Wendy Williams is known for being tasteless, so we shouldn’t be all that surprised. But, during a segment on her talk show recently, she shocked viewers when she made fun of Amie Harwick‘s death. If you aren’t aware, the Hollywood sex therapist and ex-fiancée to Drew Carey was purportedly murdered by an ex-boyfriend. She was found on the ground, severely injured, underneath a third-story balcony. Wendy very clearly joked about it:

In an ignorant and random rant, Wendy also said gay men should stop wearing skirts and heels…

While Wendy “deeply apologized” for her homophobic comments, unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. She’d also made fun of Joaquin Phoenix‘s cleft lip last month, prompting a Black woman educator and content creator by the name of Jacqueline D. Ifield to call to her out this week.

For 10 seconds she kept her face like that and tried to make her staff Suzanne and her so-called ‘co-hosts’ aka her audience, agree or co-sign with her, her meanings and her behaviour,” she wrote in an online article. “Sadly people with this condition, suffer in varying degrees and for their entire lives. Some have this condition bilaterally. Many of US never find the help that we need.”


MoneyBagg Yo Concert

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Boosie Badazz made some despicable comments this week, so despicable they’re hard to type. After Dwyane Wade opened up about his transgender daughter Zaya and how his family has been supporting her, Boosie showed his ignorance per usual. Watch his rant here, if you think you can stomach it.  Boosie’s comments went viral and he was later denied access to a Planet Fitness because of the whole ordeal.

Candace Owens

Revolt And AT&T Host Revolt 3-Day Summit In Atlanta September 14

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And last but certainly not least, Candace Owens. She’s always trippin’ if you ask us… that ain’t nothing new. But, in the last 24 hours alone, she’s gone into overdrive in an attempt to push the “Black exit from the democratic party.” She coined it #Blexit. No, we’re not kidding…


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