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Grace: Love In 3 Acts Poster and Stills

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A new short film executively produced by Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Productions company entitled Grace: Love in 3 Acts debuted to iOne Digital’s newly launched A Space for Creators platform on YouTube. This visually pleasing short created and directed by Joshua Kissi and Leah Natasha Thomas follows Grace, played by Sakina Deer, a young widow who floats in and out of her memories of love during the repass of her husband’s funeral.

The film is comprised of three short acts of love: meeting, falling and the return. The writer’s unerring depiction of love and loss is both realistic and heart wrenching as viewers witness Grace experience the duality and complexities of life. The stages of life and death are almost always unpredictable, and this short film portrays a character mentally balancing life’s gratifications and harsh realities. While pondering introspectively at the repass for her late husband, played by Jeff Crossley, Grace contemplates options of a new future as the daunting opinions of family and friends of the family carry on throughout the film.

DJ and producer, Melo-X scored the short and the music was skillfully crafted to fit the mood and emotion of the story. The storytelling is lovely but the cinematography is what excites us most with this project. The highly satisfying cinematography features breathtaking shots of the couple across their nxtative island. Grace reminisces on moments throughout their relationship where she learns to float in the ocean and a time where they debate her goals for higher education.

Grace: Love in 3 Acts was filmed in Maroon Town and Kingston, Jamaica, recruiting local talent for the cast and crew. The film emphasizes love from the Caribbean perspective, which is a component many island natives are elated to share in and a moment to be celebrated. Fans of the short film have shared the project and included it in conversations about the Caribbean diaspora across social media platforms.

A moment to make note of, without taking too much away from the film, would be a quote Grace’s husband shares after discussing her plans for college. She shares how much she yearns for adventure and he simply responds, “we are an adventure.” The way he expresses their love felt passionate and and fulfilling.

There were many symbolic moments carried throughout the short 16 minute film. Take some time to enjoy the first original short under A Space for Creators platform Grace: Love in 3 Acts.



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