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The countdown to Halloween is on. Pinterest is helping spooky Halloween lovers prepare with their list of this year’s top 10 trending costume ideas. Check it out and gets some inspiration for the scary season ahead!

Everyone has been obsessed with what’s trending in pop culture and television, so it’s no surprise that the costumes are aligned with that. Pinterest analyzed their costume searches and it all adds up with the major TV and pop culture moments for 2022 so far. Searches like “Stranger Things,” “Elvis,” “Top Gun” and Anna Delvey from Netflix’s “Investing Anna” are currently trending on the platform. There is still growth in searches for Patrick Bateman from cult classic, horror and thriller film “American Psycho,” Harley Quinn and Hocu Pocus. It proves that the classics are still ranking amongst the newer tends.

Bold women are also topping 2022’s costume list with iconic figures like Anna Delvey as well as Priscilla Presley, Avril Lavigne and Maddie and Cassie, the infamous duo from Euphoria making the top 10. The newly released “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power “has also put Tolkien’s masterpiece in a top spot.

Check out the top 10 trending costume ideas according to Pinterest below:

  1. ‘Stranger Things costume ideas’ increased by 22X
  2. ‘Elvis and Priscilla costume’ increased by 19X
  3. ‘Patrick Bateman costume’ increased by 18X
  4. ‘Top Gun costume’ increased by 6X
  5. ‘Anna Delvey costume’ increased by 5X2
  6. ‘Harley Quinn halloween costume’ increased by 4X
  7. ‘Avril Lavigne halloween costume’ increased by 3X
  8. ‘Dani Hocus Pocus costume’ increased by 3X
  9. ‘Maddie and Cassie Euphoria costume’ increased by 3X
  10. ‘Lord of the Rings halloween costumes’ increased by 2X

Be sure to curate your best Halloween look with Pinterest.