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The search for “quit weed” skyrockets after rapper Snoop Dogg announces he’s giving up his favorite pastime. The news came as a shock to most fans, who have witnessed the artist enjoying cannabis throughout his entire career. Check out what fans have been searching since the news broke inside.

According to a new finding by, online searches for “quit weed” have exploded 1,152 percent worldwide in the same week Snoop Dogg announced he was giving up smoking after much consideration and conversation with his family.

The Long Beach rapper shared a post on social media Thursday (Nov. 16) that he’s kicking his marijuana habit. In a post shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Snoop shares a photo of himself with a message that reads: “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Check out Snoop’s announcement below:

A new finding reveals that online searches for “quit weed” have skyrocketed to over ten times the normal average volume in one week. The monumental spike in people Googling to quit weed shows the impact Snoop has on the cannabis community and his cult following. Searches for “quit smoking” have also risen 492 percent worldwide in the last week, as well as “stop smoking weed” rising 511 percent, as a result of Snoop Dogg issued his statement.

Snoop seemingly encouraged fans to research more about how to give up smoking, with searches for ‘how to quit smoking’ exploding 308 percent worldwide in the past seven days.

For many years, the Hip Hop star has been a globally renowned weed enthusiast. He even had a personal blunt roller, Renegade PerRana. This major lifestyle change didn’t come with much of an explanation, but his growing following of 82.5 million followers on Instagram has just gained another 59k Instagram followers in just 12 hours after his announcement.

A spokesperson for commented on the findings: “Snoop Dogg’s bombshell news has come as a massive shock to fans as the hip-hop star has always been very open about his smoking habits and has even ventured into numerous businesses, including weed strains and edibles. So, it’s no surprise fans who lead similar habits are questioning their own lifestyle and may be thinking of a change.”

These findings spotlight the influence a celebrity can have on its fans. Now, everyone’s questioning their lifestyle.

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