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Source: Courtesy / Ikea

IKEA and Raw Color unveil the colorful TESAMMANS collection with a special eco-friendly Open House event in Los Angeles. Check out photos from the event and read more about the special collection inside.

Color is a powerful expression of personality that can have a positive impact on our well-being. IKEA recognizes this fact and teamed up with Dutch Design duo Raw Color to share a limited TESAMMANS collection to help brighten up our spaces. The collection features everyday items that inspire people to welcome joy and colorful character into their homes. 

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and transform living spaces, and their visual expression changes when they interact with light, materials, movement and each other. The TESAMMANS collection is an exploration of how colors interact with their surroundings to enhance each other and give life to our homes. The collection is designed to highlight how color can transform everyday objects, while inspiring more people to discover its positive emotional effects.

TESAMMANS draws inspiration from the distinct design language of Raw Color and their ability to create unique connections between colors, materials, and shapes. The collaboration combines their creative expertise with the home furnishing knowledge of IKEA, resulting in an affordable collection of 18 pieces ranging from furniture to textiles and decorations.

Each piece focuses on an unexpected yet harmonious palette marked by surprising color combinations and playful patterns.

“We have an emotional and intuitive approach to color, exploring how different shades interact to enhance each other. Colors are never alone; they need company and it’s much like a recipe where finding the right balance is key for an object to truly sparkle,” says Christoph Brach of Raw Color.

The collection also explores Raw Color’s design philosophy centered around the transformative nature of color. The knitted TESAMMANS throw showcases this idea, with graphic lines and solid colors that seemingly blend into a single hue from a distance, but up close, separate colors emerge.

The theme continues in the TESAMMANS lampshades, available in two sizes to either hang or place on a table. With a stacked design featuring three lampshades that transition from dark to lighter tones, different reflections are created as they catch light.

“We have taken an experimental approach to exploring how colors can transform everyday objects, trying different combinations of shades and materials, playing with shapes that catch light in certain ways and by mixing bright, saturated tones with more muted ones,” says Daniera ter Haar of Raw Color.

During last night’s (April 10) IKEA Open House eventoh, attendees were able to explore the collection, get a special aura reading, indulge in plant based food by Nasim Lahbich, check out an interactive circular fashion display by Nigel Xavier, and learn about living with plants by Benji Lee.

The immersive experience brought out social media influencers, who have a passion for eco-friendly products and design.

The TESAMMANS collection will launch across all IKEA markets this month.

Check out photos from the event below:


Source: Courtesy / Ikea