Back in the Day

It’s been 11 years since director Nick Cassavetes bestowed the masterpiece of all iconic romantic movies upon this planet. I’m sure you don’t need any more information to know what it is we’re talking about – The Notebook. The movie changed thousands of lives the second it was released on June 25th, 2004, when every woman in America […]

What the hell is going on in hip-hop? Diddy’s out on bail for assault, Tyga thought it was a good idea to “surprise” release his Gold Album, Rick Ross is in jail for assault and kidnapping, and now Scott Storch is bankrupt. Despite being one of the hottest producers on the planet in the ’99-2000s, […]

Remembering those we’ve lost through the years never gets easier, but for some reason it soothes our souls. If Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was still alive, today would’ve been her 44th birthday. After dying in a terrifying car crash in Honduras in April 2002, TLC and Lisa’s family have attempted to keep her legacy alive through philanthropic work and charities. […]

I do not look like Xzibit. But ever since MTV aired a show by the name of Pimp My Ride, people walk up to me and say… Do you know who you look like? I entertain them, “No. Who?” “You look like Xzibit.” With that said, allow me to tell you how this post came […] Kimberly Denise Jones, aka Lil Kim, recently posted a selfie on her personal Instagram that made me pause and have a flashback. In my mind, I went back to the first time I had ever heard and seen Lil Kim with Junior M.A.F.I.A. She was small, pretty, and raw; giving male rappers a legitimate […]

Earlier today, we told you all about the drama Tyga and Blac Chyna have been going through with their families. Blac Chyna’s mom went HAM on Tyga’s family for comments allegedly made by their grandmother, saying that Kylie Jenner is her preferred choice of paramour for her grandson over Ms. Chyna. Turns out Tyga’s grandmother didn’t actually […]

Once upon a time, there was a rap superstar and a video vixen and they were the hottest couple in all the land. Well, we know how this fairy tale story ended and it wasn’t happily ever after. It’s no secret: Kanye West and Amber Rose officially hate each other. Since their breakup in 2010, Kanye […]

Yesterday, photos of Marcus Paulk from Moesha getting it on with Amber Rose hit the internet. OK, so the pictures were actually part of their new movie together called Sister Code, and not an announcement for a scandalous new couple. Meanwhile, Moesha wasn’t the only blast from the past in the news: Full House just got the […]

Victoria Beckham turns 41 today, and in those forty-one years, she’s done more than most do in a lifetime. Since first being introduced to the world in 1994 as Posh Spice, she’s transformed herself into a worldwide style icon and successful fashion designer. But before she was building her $380 million dollar empire with every girl’s #MCM, husband […]

Do you remember wearing color lens sunshades, oversized white t-shirts, asymmetrical skirts, and pointy-toed boots? Yeah, how could you forget. It’s Friday, so you know what that means. We’re taking you back, actually way way back, to the year 2005 – when being fabulous and tacky was hotter than a shot of Cuervo and KimYe weren’t even friends yet. […]

The cool has arrived; 2015 NBA All Star Weekend has officially commenced. Rappers, athletes, groupies, and more have infiltrated NYC for the next few days for what is sure to be an unforgettable moment in NBA history — never before has All-Star weekend split events into multiple venues like it has this year. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when […]