Back in the Day

There’s a good chance your favorite rapper walked into 320 West 37th Street and took the elevator up to the fourth floor. There stood the greatest hip-hop studio of all time: D&D Studios. This was the studio where rappers like Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Black Moon, Talib Kweli, Slaughterhouse, and more created certified classics. The […]

Sarcasm: It’s a language that not everyone speaks eloquently. And back in January 2002, we said goodbye to one of the most sarcastically fluent ladies ever: Daria Morgendorffer. Except not really, thanks to a couple of things called the Internet and streaming services. Just because it’s been 13 years since the series ended, doesn’t mean its wisdom […]

Long live Dipset. The guys that took over clubs, parties, car radios, and speakers meant for blasting hip-hop music are officially back, and they’re heading on a reunion tour. After stopping by Funkmaster Flex’s show on Hot 97 and dropping a brand new song after their freestyle, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones all seemed ready […]

2014 was a year filled with the good, bad, basic, and mediocre. Besides police brutality and the infringement on civil liberties of United States citizens, there wasn’t much worth discussing in 2014 – not even the Super Bowl. We should’ve known 2014 was for the basics when watching paint dry seemed like a viable alternative to watching Super […]

On November 19, 2004, the NBA changed forever. It was the day the “Malice In The Palace,” the worst fight in the NBA’s history, happened. And it started off innocently enough – with a hard foul. With 45.9 seconds left, Ron Artest, of the Indiana Pacers, fouled Detroit Piston center Ben Wallace. Now let’s put […]

Do you remember the first video that made you laugh on the internet? Before Vine, Black Twitter, and Instagram videos, there were old grainy videos and news reports that had us in tears. From “David Goes to the Dentist” to the “Greatest Freak Out” and more, the internet has been providing us with laughs since […]

Madonna is so damn cool. Obviously, Madonna invented pop culture coolness in the late ’80s/early ’90s, but 25 years later, the middle-aged icon still has it. Madonna has befriended every rapper from Big Daddy Kane and Tupac to Kanye West and Lil Wayne, but more recently, Madonna has her eyes set on a new emcee – Chance […]

Life moves in circles. Yesterday, it was announced that Juvenile was signing with Cash Money Records. It’s ironic, considering that there would be no Cash Money in the first place without Juvenile. Juvie brought the New Orleans-based Cash Money label to mainstream respectability when he dropped his masterpiece single “Ha” in 1998. (This was before Lil […]

Nostalgia is a mofo, man. All it does is mislead. Example: the movie Rocky is trash. Everything about that movie is stupid, from the acting to the writing. However, people see it as a good movie, because when they watch it, it takes them back to the feelings they had when they first saw the film. Even […]

When news broke that iconic comedienne Joan Rivers had passed away, thoughts immediately went to her beloved daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson Cooper. But despite all the chaos that has been circulating around Rivers’ death, Melissa, just like her mother, has been able to pick herself up and show uncommon resilience. Moving on does not mean forgetting, however. In a […]

Zoe Kravitz may be busy globetrotting with her new band Lolawolf, but she’s never too busy to shout out a friend – especially Drake. After all, they are pretty much the most adorable non-couple in the game. The pair has been seen gettin’ cozy and have an undeniable chemistry, but never actually left the friend zone – at […]

Fall seems to always bring feelings of deep nostalgia. After Renee Zellweger was spotted out looking completely different at the ELLE Women In Hollywood red carpet earlier this week, a lot of people started reminiscing about the “old” Renee. We haven’t seen the actress in a while, but with classic films under her belt like Jerry McGuire and Bridget Jones’ […]