Back in the Day

Terry Richardson was behind the lens of his camera before Kanye West was behind the mic in the studio. And what better way to remind the masses just how long he’s been a relevant photographer than by posting some photos from his archived past? In his most recent website update, Terry shared photos of Kanye, […]

Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Wes Welker… there are many stars playing in Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday for either the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks. And while talking sportsheads are asking questions like who’ll be MVP, who will be the breakout player, who will be the X-factor, etc., here at GlobalGrind, we’re asking the […]

Today, 24 years ago, the first episode of Seinfeld premiered. It was called “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” and it didn’t feature any prominent black people in the episode. This would become a trend for the show. Listen, Seinfeld is one of the most iconic shows of all time. And it deserves its iconic status; the many […]

It’s 2014 and many may not realize that as the years go on, we’re getting old! If little Hannah Montana twerkin’ in a two-piece leather body suit doesn’t make you feel old, then maybe hearing some of your favorite songs from 10 years ago will. A decade may seem like a lifetime ago to some, […]

2013 was a pretty boss year for movies, right? Right. But it has nothing on 1994, one of the all-time great years in cinema. Look at the movies that came out that year: The Lion King, Ed Wood, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Speed, The Professional, Interview with the Vampire…we could be here all night, folks. […]

The world can’t get enough of Outkast, so it comes as no surprise that MTV dug deep in their vault to find a 15-year-old video of Outkast freestyling a poem in the studio. While Andre mans the boards, Big Boi begins to freestyle a pretty comedic poem: “Maybe if you’re nice I might let you […]

Outkast. Outkast. Outkast. That’s all anyone has been able to talk about after Coachella revealed that the iconic rap group will be the closing act of day one of this year’s festival. (The act will also be the Governors Ball closer). And we can understand it: this is big. Not just for rap music, but for pop music […]

Chris Brown has grown up a lot since we were first introduced to him as the singing, dancing cutie pie that blew up the Billboard charts in 2005 with hit singles like “Run It,” “Yo,” and “Say Goodbye.” With his sly smile, undeniable talent, and enthusiasm for his craft, Chris was not only a charming ladies […]

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