Good News

Happy National Prosecco Day! The nationally recognized holiday lands on today, August 13th. It represents a day to celebrate with a toast to the remaining days of the season. We're celebrating even more with our favorite celebrities and their champagne toasts, which is not quite Prosecco but it sparkles just the same.

Netflix has ordered a second season of High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America. The critically-acclaimed series celebrates the courage, artistry and resourcefulness of African Americans that helped define the American kitchen today.

Celebrity Black jeweler Gina White is taking the jewelry industry by storm. We spoke with her about her challenges and journey breaking into the business, exploring the African Diaspora as a Black American and her upcoming projects. Check out this exclusive Q&A with jeweler and entrepreneur Gina White below.

Meet 62-year-old artist Richard Hutchins, who went from spending his nights sleeping on Skid Row to having his artwork displayed in art galleries in Beverly Hills. We discussed how he met Charlie Rocket, his colored past, helping to clean up Los Angeles largest homeless community and some of his greatest inspirations.

University of Houston-Downtown's (UHD) Political Science Student of the Year RoShawn Evans defied the odds after being wrongfully jailed for a crime he did not commit. It was only through his resilience that he was capable of emerging from the corrupt corrections system armed to create substantial change in the world.

The center is a place for Chicago youth to learn, experience, and create music in a safe environment.

A scuba diver by the name of Rich Aloha deserves all of the praise after he brought joy and closure to two parents mourning their son. Rich found a GoPro camera belonging to Richard Ragland, the 22-year-old who died while diving in the Forest Falls Recreation Area back in 2017. He then delivered the footage […]

Instead of beefing with the next generation of Hip Hop, Jay-Z has been there to act as a big brother to some of the newer rappers coming up in the game. He put all of his resources behind making sure Meek Mill was released from prison last year and now he hopes to help 21 […]